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Service Providers
Car as a Subscription (CaaS)

Car as a Subscription (CaaS) solution offers car fleet
owners or trade-in car stores short time leasing opportunities simultaneously while cars remain
actively on sale.

LEASE, DRIVE, SWAP = Use a car without owning a car

Would your company like to participate?
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Service Providers
AutoMopus Deal

Targeted marketing has never been this easy

With AutoMopus Deal you can reach customers fast, efficiently and exactly when they need your services.
AutoMopus app has over 3000 service providers
in Finland.
If you want your services included or change the data,
please send us an email to info@automopus.fi

Car Drivers
AutoMopus application

Now you no longer miss the road alone.

From AutoMopus app you will find the closest filling stations, car repair workshops and technical data of your car remains in control of Garage.
You can take AutoMopus in active use from your smartphone’s app store. You will get the benefits of AutoMopus partners nearby you in full use.