AutoMopus app

Now you no longer miss the road alone. From AutoMopus you will find the closest filling stations, car repair workshops and technical data of your car remains in control of Garage. Download now and you will get the benefits of AutoMopus partners nearby you in full use. Through this application you will get help to car maintenance and managing costs.

All this waits you in AutoMopus
1. Fueling services based on the location
2. Repair and maintenance services close by
3. Car specifications
4. Fuel consumption monitoring
5. Automatic inspection reminder
6. Suitable spare parts
7. Filling stations and repair workshops on the route
8. Follow and update fuel prices
9. Communication to your chosen repair workshop
10. Current car industry news
11. Plus much more information which make driver’s life easier.

Available on App Store
Google Play store
and  Windows Phone Store