Benefits of Car as a Subscription (CaaS) Solution

Profit for Automotive retailers and Vehicle fleet owners:

– Make more money on trade-in car inventory and vehicle fleet
– Cars are driven and are being sold at the same time
– Efficient messaging with drivers
– Online data and reporting on cars
– Easy, intelligent and sustainable CaaS solution comprises of mobile app and cloud technologies

Carefree driving for Car drivers:

– No need to tie capital to a car
– Costs of driving known – no surprises
– Maintenance taken care of
– Opportunity to experience and drive various cars
– Flexibility – different car to different situations

Car as a Subscription (CaaS) solution offers short time leasing opportunities while cars remain actively on sale.

– Trade-in car inventory and vehicle fleet tie capital
– Cars just take parking space in showrooms or store yards
– Potential customers discover interesting cars online

= Use a car without owning a car

CaaS presentation has been recorded on a conveyor belt at CUBE Tech Fair event
in Berlin Germany.