Eximap Platform

Eximap has developed a software platform, with which you can effectively implement tailored digital services especially smartphone applications for automotive aftermarket. AutoMopus app is the first application utilizing this platform. Tailored applications can be used for implementing customer loyalty programs and the benefits related to them, for example.

Eximap Platform contains methods, with which you can effectively implement web pages and applications for all Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Dynamic marketing capability is one of the most important platform features. Additionally, this platform contains valuable data assets.
Eximap has signed an agreement with Traficom (Finnish Transport and Communications Agency) on utilizing Traficom’s vehicle register for resale purposes. This enables searches based on a register number, which returns versatile technical information on an individual car. The search can be targeted at all registered cars in Finland. Also all Finnish gas stations and their contact information can be found in AutoMopus app. Gas prices are being continuously updated. Repair workshops can transfer their customer data including customer cars’ maintenance history from their ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) into AutoMopus Deal. The motivation for this transfer is the ability to more efficiently execute targeted marketing campaigns.

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