Eximap’s Investment round open at FUNDABLE

Eximap is a Finnish automotive software company that creates concepts, develops and sells the future services of motoring. Now, the company offers car dealers a cloud software solution that they can provide cars to their customers flexibly with a monthly fee.
The solution is primarily designed for car dealers selling used cars. Car dealers receive additional revenues from their used car warehouses. Cars can be both leased and driven – and on sale at the same time.
Eximap has focused on the development of its cloud computing software in recent years and lastly productization of the CaaS (Car as a Service) solution. The company has the first customer for this new service. Now, Eximap invests in domestic sales and internationalization.
Link to Fundable: https://www.fundable.com/eximap

Connected Car, Fleet Management, Mobility, Smart Traffic..

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