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5.-6.6.2019 ARCTIC15
In 2019 Arctic15 is the most effective networking startup conference in the Nordics and Baltics. The focus is on making deals and quality networking. The 2-day event brings together a focused international crowd of startups, investors, corporations, media and influencers.
15 tracks are focused on various industries, technologies and topics.
Arctic15 is preceded by EBAN Congress gathering together European angel investors on 3rd-4th of June 2019.
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21.5.2019 Would you like to read our “Eximap Cloud Platform for Automotive Sector” White Paper?
Kindly send us an email by filling in your details on this page:

14.5.2019 3rd Tampere Automotive Cluster Networking Event
This event is a perfect opportunity to meet Magna, Aurora Snowbox and of course other cluster members.
Magna International is visiting Finland to explore investment and partnership opportunities. Magna International is a Canadian Industry group with its European HQ in Austria. The most famous subsidiary is Magna Steyer who develops the BMW X3, Mercedes G-class, Jeep and Chrysler.
Aurora Snowbox Ltd. represents unique test ecosystem and platform for testing autonomous driving and ITS in adverse winter conditions based on our partners´ snowhow and expertise in automatization. Aurora Snowbox offers highest level of customer support combined with first-class private and public test tracks.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will participate in the event at Meeting Centre Pellava in Tampere.

29.4.2019 Eximap’s Annual General Meeting
The shareholders of Eximap will meet at the Annual General Meeting in Eximap’s office on Monday, the 29th April 2019.

25.4.2019 Future Traffic Growth Path: The winner was chosen Bout Oy Ab
The winner of the Future Traffic Growth Path was chosen Bout Oy Ab. CS Control Software Oy received the honorary mention.
The jury thinks BOUT is a truly unique company that impressed. The company hits the potential market and has knowledgeable team. BOUT is a platform for boat rides that, with the help of a mobile phone application, connects those who need a boat ride to those who provide them. In the service, drivers act as independent entrepreneurs who operate on their own boats.
Future Traffic Growth Path partners are YIT, Traficom, ITS Finland, Finnish Transport Agency and Ramboll.
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25.4.2019 KasvuOpen FUTURE TRAFFIC GROWTH PATH 2019: Second Runway Day & Semifinal
We will participate in KasvuOpen Future Traffic Growth Second Runway Day & Semifinal.
During the day every company will meet 5 different professionals in 45-minute meetings.
The event is organised at YIT Headquarters in Helsinki.
More info in Finnish:

17.4.2019 Financial info on Business Finland and EU funding opportunities for companies
How to promote smart urban development and business growth by leveraging funding opportunities. Business Finland experts give a good overview of the financial instruments and programs for Business Finland and EU companies.
The event will be organised at Campus Club in Kampusareena, Tampere.

16.4.2019 Tampere Industry Startup Forum 16.4.2019
Digitalisation of small and medium-sized industrial companies – looking for know-how and partners.
Speakers from companies and universities, pitches from startups and research groups, and during breaks, you have the opportunity to network and learn about demos and stands.
The event will be  organised at Paja, Sokos Hotel Torni.
More info in Finnish:

4.4.2019 Smart Tampere – Smart City Developers Meeting
Business Tampere organizes an event for the renewed Smart Tampere program and the opportunity to influence the content of the program.
The following topics will be addressed:
– The role of businesses in urban development
– The current state and objectives of digitalisation in the City of Tampere
– Towards carbon-neutral Tampere – how a company can participate in development work
– City as a platform and fast experiments in an urban environment
There will also be discussions of the above topics.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will participate in the event at the Town Hall in Tampere.

2.4.2019 Business from Traffic Growth Forum, The House of the Estates, Helsinki
The event brings together businesses, public actors and research decision makers in a forum to influence and impress. The transport sector is in the middle of a diverse change. The connecting, automated, electrifying and service-oriented transport system changes the way we move and drive. Traffic, energy and data intertwine. The change in traffic provides a great framework for developing high value-added services and increasing exports. Finnish companies are actively involved in international markets, and start-up companies in the industry are already listed among international investors. Cities act as facilitators and development platforms for new business.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will participate in the event at the House of the Estates in Helsinki.

KasvuOpen FUTURE TRAFFIC GROWTH PATH 2019: First Runway Day
We will participate in KasvuOpen Future Traffic Growth First Runway Day. During the day every company will meet 5 different professionals in 45-minute meetings.
More info in Finnish:

14.2.2019 Startup Tampere Meetup – Valentine’s Kick Off
Startup Tampere Meetup – Valentine’s Kick Off will be hosted by Tribe Tampere.
A new, monthly meetup will connect startups and investors and improve startup’s ability to fundraise. Startups will learn from experienced entrepreneurs and investors who will share their stories and wisdom gained from their own unique journeys.
We wanted to make sure this new season starts with a bang. Our very first investor quest speakers comes from Zoosh Ventures all the way from Ireland. With their recently announced early seed fund – Zoosh Investment Partnership (ZIP) – they are setting up shop in Tampere, looking to source new founders and great SaaS ventures. Zoosh Digital is also looking for bunch of developers to join their new Tampere office. This is an opportunity you cannot miss!

13.2.2019 The Future of Motoring Seminar
Alma organizes the Future of Motoring and Mobility 2019 seminar. Mobility lives the biggest change after the invention of the car. New technologies, innovations and surprising operators are revolutionizing the automotive industry, and the number of alternatives and opportunities is increasing all the time. For the first time, Alma is seeking Finland’s best technology and service innovation in motoring and mobility.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending the event in Koskenranta, Helsinki.
More info of the event in Finnish:

Eximap Oy celebrates its 6 years today.  Six years ago Eximap got a business ID.

Eximap Oy has been selected among 15 companies for KasvuOpen’s Future Traffic Growth Path to solve the future traffic challenges.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending te event at Traficom in Helsinki.
More info in Finnish of the event:

29.1.2019 Smart Mobility Business Finland Program Kick off event
The event will be organised at the Marina Congress Centre in Helsinki. At the event, Business Finland introduces the services for companies: innovation funding and internationalization services, and launches new mission calls related to Smart Mobility theme. The future of mobility will be presented e.g. by Rolls-Royce, Finnair and Nokia.
Business Finland’s Smart Mobility program focuses on seamless transport chains, emission reduction and digitalization. The program supports Finnish companies in taking advantage of the new business opportunities coming from radical changes in the transport sector. The program also aims to attract significant international players into Finland to benefit from test platforms and to build and join new innovation ecosystems.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending the event.
More info of the event:

17.1.2019 Kubernetes and CNCF Tampere Meetup
Kubernetes and CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) Meetup was organised for the first time in Tampere.
This group is for all Kubernauts and cloud enthusiasts that are living, working or visiting Tampere that want to talk and share their experiences with Cloud Native Computing Foundation software. The Kubernetes and CNCF Tampere meetup is part of the official CNCF Finland Meetup group about the technologies hosted under CNCF umbrella. This meetup’s official language is English; the conversations and presentations will be in English.

21.12.2018 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

We are participating in Official SLUSH18 Side Event – Future Transportation 4.12.2018 at Messukeskus in Helsinki.
The transportation sector is in the process of massive transformation. Technological disruption brings new services and players into the field, while increasing environmental and social challenges demand new solutions. The official Slush18 side event brings together leading companies, fast growing start-ups, tech talents, investors and other Slush attendees creating an environment full of business solutions and new ideas.
More info of the event:

4.-5.12.2018 SLUSH in Helsinki
We are participating in SLUSH 2018 event 4.-5.12.2018 at Messukeskus in Helsinki.
In 2017, over 2600 startups, 1600 venture capitalists, and 600 journalists from over 130 countries came to Slush to drive business.
More info of the event:

Tribe Tampere is an open community consisting of people dedicated to serve Tampere startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Tribe operates as a platform. It means creation of value to organizations and individuals by making it easier for them to connect each other in a meaningful way. One way of saying it is it empowers those who try to help others achieve their dreams.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala is in Tribe’s Christmas calendar on the 3rd December, 2018.
More info:

29.11.2018 Grow to USA – Presenting the best partners for US market entry
In the orientation workshop in Helsinki, with the guidance of capable partners, entrepreneurs are able to map out how ready their business or product is for US markets and get relevant tips and contacts for their market entry.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending the event.
More info of the workshop:

20.11.2018 Eximap’s Investment round open at FUNDABLE
Eximap is a Finnish automotive software company that creates concepts, develops and sells the future services of motoring. Now, the company offers car dealers a cloud software solution that they can provide cars to their customers flexibly with a monthly fee.

The solution is primarily designed for car dealers selling used cars. Car dealers receive additional revenues from their used car warehouses. Cars can be both leased and driven – and on sale at the same time.

Eximap has focused on the development of its cloud computing software in recent years and lastly productization of the CaaS (Car as a Service) solution. The company has the first customer for this new service. Now, Eximap invests in domestic sales and internationalization.

Link to Fundable:

13.11.2018 #Enterprise2018 – Technology Entrepreneurship Days
The seventh nationwide #Enterprise2018 – Technology Entrepreneurship Days will be held at Tampere Comedy Theater on Tuesday, 13.11.2018. The event is organised by Tampere Technical Society, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK, Finnish Association of Business School Graduates and The Association of Finnish Lawyers. Discussion and examples of artificial intelligence possibilities!
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending the event.
More info of the event in Finnish:

9.-11.11.2018 Auto 2018 – Motoring Mega event at the Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki
The car show, Auto 18, collects under one roof almost all car brands sold in Finland. Looking for a new car and testing the latest models could not be easier. In addition to the cars, the event will also give information about car accessories, financing options and insurances. The official program is complemented by entertainment for the whole family.
More info of the event:

8.11.2018 Ramboll and Eximap have signed a letter of intent
The parties intend to start a joint development project related to smart mobility and digital mobility solutions.
Ramboll and Eximap are exploring opportunities for development, for example, in connection with Eximap’s cloud computing utilization in the Ramboll’s Smart Mobility pilots as part of the Ramboll’s design process.

24.-25.10.2018 Growth Open Carnival at Jyväskylä Pavilion
The Growth Open Carnival brings together growth companies, business experts and promising new talents! During the two days, interesting speeches, live coaching, new business ideas and the pitching of the 100 most promising growth startups.

24.10.2018 ITS Factory Development Forum 4/2018
The fourth ITS Factory Development Forum of this year – From the “6Aika” program to the Transport sector’s national growth program will be organised at the Campus Arena of Tampere University of Technology.
Meeting agenda draft in Finnish:
More info of the ITS Factory:

23.-24.10.2018 Wolves Summit in Warsaw Poland
Eighth edition of Wolves Summit, the biggest and, according to the participants, the most effective multinational event in Central and Eastern Europe focused on networking. Bridge between promising startups, tech companies, investors and corporations.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending the conference.
More info of the event:

12.10.2018 Investor & Business Forum Tampere
The City of Tampere, Business Tampere and Tampere Chamber of Commerce in close cooperation will bring to you the first ever Investor & Business Forum Tampere. We are bringing together some of the most influential personas in the fields of business and politics to discuss the image and appeal of Finland to investors. CEOs and leaders of multinational companies, high-profile politicians, and local SME representatives will join together at the event.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending the event.
The event will be organised at the Tampere Hall.
More info of the event:

10.-11.10.2018 Mindtrek – International Technology Conference at Tampere Hall
Mindtrek is an international technology conference organized annually in Tampere, Finland. It’s all about networking and exchanging ideas with people who come from different backgrounds and who have different areas of expertise. Mindtrek consists of around 70 different sessions which revolve around different themes like Open Source, Smart City, Immersive Tech, IoT, Blockchain, EdTech, eHealth and AI.
More info of the conference:

9.10.2018 Stream Startup Festival during Tampere Smart City Week
Stream Startup Festival will take place for the first time on October 9th 2018 at the premises of the old brick factory of Kuivaamo in Hiedanranta, Tampere.
The event is part of Tampere Smart City Week. Stream brings practical support and tools of growth for early stage startups. The program is all about that learning curve: getting out a better team member, a better startup, a better investor! There are multiple stages and spaces to stroll around – a full day of interesting workshops, speakers, startup booths and networking.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending this event. If you want to meet Pasi at Hiedanranta, please send an email to
More info of the event:

14.9.2018 KPMG Mobility2030 Innovation Challenge
KPMG has launched the Mobility 2030 Innovation Challenge that aims to identify and empower emerging tech companies that are actively changing the future of mobility ecosystem. Eximap’s CaaS concept has been chosen into the Mobility 2030 Innovation Challenge.
More info of the challenge:

5.-6.9.2018 TRANSPORT & INFRASTRUCTURE congress at Tampere Hall
The conference provides an opportunity to present topical subjects concerning traffic routes, traffic, transportation, mobility, traffic policy and land use, and to raise a discussion. Part of the conference is exhibition, where transportation and infrastructure products and services will be presented. It is a significant event for professionals in the industry and offers opportunities to meet colleagues from different parts of Finland.
More info of the congress:

30.8.2018 Pirkanmaa’s Growth Path: Investor Event at Crazy Town in Tampere
Growth Path’s Investor Event  is a cross-section of finance, investment and examples of successful growth stories. The program has a keynote of finance and investment perspective of growth companies, as well as growth-seeking companies pitching in the Bear’s Nest.
More info of the event (in Finnish):

The megatrends in the automotive industry are the fast developments in automated driving and the networked vehicle.
Car2Car, Car2X, Car2mobile are increasingly gaining in importance.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending to the trade show in Berlin.
Please send an email to if you want to meet Pasi at the CONCAR-EXPO in Business Finland Pavilion.
More info:

After the great success with over 100 visitors last year the Finnish networking event goes into its´ second round. Attendees from Daimler, BMW, Continental, Nokia, HERE etc. as well as many innovative companies and startups discussed about new mobility, connected car and autonomous driving.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending to the event in Berlin.
More info:

14.6.2018 Digimarketing Coffee at Markkinointiakatemia
We are participating in the Digimarketing Coffees event at Markkinointiakatemia which will introduce Google AdWords this time.
More info in Finnish:

6.6.2018 Pirkanmaa Growth Path® 2018: Growth Workshop & Semifinal
Pirkanmaa Growth Path®, the event ending Growth Workshop, will allow everyone who has applied for a Growth Path and chosen companies to discussions to work together in workshops and clinics. Themes will cover e.g. finance and marketing. Growth Path winners will be announced at the end of the Growth Workshop. We will attend pre-booked clinic meetings with the Business Tampere and Ely Center specialists during the event.
More info in Finnish:

5.6.2018 KasvuOpen’s Future Traffic Growth Path’s Second Runway Day
We will participate in KasvuOpen’s Future Traffic Growth Path’s Second Runway Day. During the day every company will meet 5 different professionals in 45-minute meetings. For the Future Traffic’s Growth Path has been selected the 15 most potential growth companies among 33 applicants.
More info in Finnish:

4.6.2018 Privacy Information: How is data protection implemented in our company’s business?
We are participating in the Privacy Policy info organised by Tampere Chamber of Commerce at Technopolis, Tampere.
More information about the event here in Finnish:

30.-31.5.2018 Arctic15 – Matchmaking startup event in Helsinki

Arctic15 event brings together 450+ startups, 300+ investors, 150+ corporates and media from 60+ countries. The focus is on making deals and quality networking. There are 15 tracks focused on various topics, industries and technologies from Talent and Digital Health to Smart Cities and Virtual Reality.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala participates at the Arctic15 event at Cable Factory in Helsinki.
More information of the event:

25.5.2018 The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force on the 25th May, 2018
For us in Eximap Oy, data security and reliable retention of personal data are essentially important. We have gone through the requirements of the GDPR regulations, updated our internal guidelines, the AutoMopus registry and other white label applications we have developed to meet new requirements.

22-24.5.2018 EUREKA INNOVATION DAYS 2018

We participated into the Smart Mobility track at the event on the 24th May. Other tracks were: Smart Health, Smart Energy and Smart Industry. Eureka Innovation Days was organized at the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki and gathered approximately 1000 participants.
More info of Eureka Innovation Days Agenda:

15.-16.5.2018 CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin Germany
The CUBE Tech Fair means Targeted matchmaking between startups and corporates:
“Rewriting the formula behind the innovation. Together, we can forge the future of industry 4.0.”
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala will be attending to the event in Berlin.
More info of the event here.

7.5.2018 Tampere Chamber of Commerce Spring Meeting
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala participated at the Kauppakamari spring meeting at Rosendahl in Tampere.
More info of Tampere Chamber of Commerce:

3.5.2018 KasvuOpen’s Future Traffic Growth Path’s First Runway Day
We will participate in KasvuOpen’s Future Traffic Growth Path’s First Runway Day. During the day every company will meet 5 different professionals in 45-minute meetings. The next Runway Day will be organized on the 5th June, 2018.
For the Future Traffic’s Growth Path has been selected the 15 most potential growth companies among 33 applicants.
More info in Finnish:

3.5.2018 Digimarketing Coffee at Markkinointiakatemia
We are participating in the Digimarketing Coffees event at Markkinointiakatemia where marketing measuring before and now will be described, showing practical examples and typical defects in measuring
More info in Finnish:

24.4.2018 Eximap’s Annual General Meeting will be held on April 24, 2018
The shareholders of Eximap will meet at the Annual General Meeting in Eximap’s office on Tuesday, the 24th April 2018.

18.-19.4.2018 IOT SEMINAR and EXHIBITION at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)
We are participating in the TAMK event. In addition to seminar presentations there are 38 company stands to be visited during the day. 50 seminar presentations will be held in two days.
Check out the event’s agenda in Finnish here.

12.-13.4.2018 Tahko Ski Lift Pitch
Pitch your way to the peak and ski down with the money! Combine business and leisure in a unique event where startups pitch to investors in a ski lift.
Tahko Ski Lift Pitch is an unique, international startup-event in Eastern Finland. The heart of the event is Ski Lift Pitch Battle -competition, where 20 chosen startups present their business ideas to investors at the Tahko Ski Resort ski lift.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala participates in the event organized by Kuopio region Chamber of Commerce.
More info here.

5.4.2018 Eximap Oy has been selected among 15 companies for KasvuOpen’s Future Traffic Growth Path to solve challenges of the future traffic
For the Future Traffic’s Growth Path has been selected the 15 most potential growth companies among 33 applicants.  In its criteria, the jury stressed the hunger to grow, growth potential, economic realities and scalability of growth.
More info in Finnish: KasvuOpen News

3.4.2018 Eximap Oy is the official partner of the “Operation Nora Adams” film
Eximap Oy wants to support Finnish independent movie production and offered filming space to the production team, two volunteers and a goldfish.
“Operation Nora Adams” will be released in 2020. Years 2018-2019 are needed for shooting the film and post-production.
More info of the movie here.

21.3.2018 Boardman2020’s Finance Board event “Developing your funding roadmap” in Helsinki.
Finance Board’s aim is to help startup and growth entrepreneurs in understanding how to start building their funding strategy and to give a glance overview on the different funding opportunities available in Finland.
This conference is co-organized together with ArcticStartup, FVCA, FiBAN, FINAC and Helsinki Business Hub and brought to you together with Boardman2020’s partners Marsh and Business Finland.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala is attending the event today.
More info here.

6.2.2018 Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility Services (AVM) initiative kick-off event in Helsinki
In line with the recommendations by Business Finland Synocus was during the first week of January in contact with over 50 SMEs to inform them about AVM. Based on these discussions WALCC and Synocus have selected 25 companies to receive this invitation to make a short presentation at the AVM kick off event. This event will also provide the foundation of the JPI Urban Europe application that will be submitted at the end of February.

5.2.2018 ITS Factory Development Forum 1/2018
We participate today to the first ITS Factory Development Forum of this spring.  The themes of the forum are innovative sourcing and funding opportunities.
The event will be organised in the Campus Arena of Tampere University of Technology.

29.1.2018 Autogloben exhibition is organised in Stockholm Sweden on 31.1.-1.2.2018
Hello Sweden! Eximap’s team is visiting the Autogloben fair in Globen on Wednesday.
The trade fair has exhibitors from the leading Swedish experts in the automotive industry to various car repair services.
More info in Swedish:

23.1.2018 IDG China will host a pitching competition in Helsinki on Tuesday.
The top three will receive a round-trip flight and accommodation to the Mobile Internet Creative Development final competition in China, Zuhai, in March.

IDG is a leading media and market research group with its own investment company. IDG has a total of over 800 network and print publications globally. IDG’s  brands include, among others, CIO, Computerworld, PCWorld and Macworld. IDG has invested in more than 600 companies in China (including Baidu) and selected technology companies internationally. IDG Capital has offices in China and also in London and New York. IDG organizes more than 700 fairs and marketing events annually in 67 countries.

19.1.2018 Eximap has been selected as a Semi-Finalist for further review by the European Startup Prize for mobility evaluators!
The European Parliament, Via ID and the Boston Consulting Group launched the European Startup Prize for mobility and invited all European transport and mobility startups demonstrating ecological and/or social impacts with their product/solution to participate.
More info:

18.1.2018 Influencer Seminar The Future of Mobility 18.1.2018 in Helsinki
Alma collects Finland’s most exciting automotive industry and traffic development influencers at the Finlandia Hall on January 18, 2018 to discuss the many cornerstones of the future mobility. Speakers include: Minister of Transport Anne Berner, Managing Director Tero Kallio, Automotive Suppliers, Project Manager Sonja Heikkilä, OP and Managing Director Jonas Geust, Rightware.
Our Managing Director Pasi Pohjala attends the seminar in Finlandia Hall.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2018!

14.12.2017 Eximap Oy participates in the TalentMeet event in Tampere
Talented professionals and companies will meet at the TalentMeet.
The event will be organized at Tribe Tampere premises.
More info in Finnish:

5.12.2017 Eximap emerges 78 positions into the 22nd place of the Startup100 list

Startup100 ranks Finnish startups monthly based on online marketing activities and performance.
Read the article:

4.12.2017 Eximap comments on the Financial Services models in the Business Tampere magazine
Tampere City Region companies have had an opportunity to get support on planning, searching and applying for funding in the latter part of the year. Business Tampere is experimenting with six different types of financial services models, which will enable growth-oriented businesses’ financial services to be developed for the needs of Tampere City Region companies.
Finnish article available:

30.11.2017 SLUSH in Helsinki
We are participating in SLUSH 2017 event 30.11.-1.12.2017 at Messukeskus in Helsinki.
In 2016, over 2,300 startups, 1,100 venture capitalists, and 600 journalists from over 120 countries came to Slush to drive business.
Please send an email to if you want to meet us in Slush.
More info of the event:

27.11.2017 Business Modeling and Investor’s Perspective Event
Greenstep Oy and Nurmiranta Holdings Oy, in cooperation with Business Tampere, will arrange a workshop to get funding from the investor perspective at the Pellava Convention Center in Tampere.

27.11.2017 BHTC Hackathon 2017 organised 27.-29.11.2017 in Tampere
We are participating in BHTC hackathon 2017 sponsored by SMACC, Business Tampere and Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH (BHTC) in Hervanta Campus Arena, Tampere. Hackathon’s main target is to enable new approaches to increase individual passenger comfort and maximize the user experience in the future vehicles.
More info:

21.11.2017 AKL Summit & EXPO 2017 event in Helsinki
Autumn’s AKL Summit & EXPO 2017 event brings together automotive industry decision makers and future highflyers to Finlandia Hall in Helsinki on Tuesday the 21st November.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala participates in the event.
More info:

15.11.2017 Eximap Oy in a local newspaper Tampereen Viikko’s article
Eximap is mentioned in Pirkanmaa’s pitching-competition on the home strech -article in a local newspaper Tampereen Viikko as the year 2015 competition winner.
Link to the Finnish article:

10.11.2017 Business Boost Tracks clinic in Tampere
Business Tampere organized last Friday an excellent Business Boost Tracks clinic for companies seeking clear growth. CEO Pasi Pohjala and CTO Ville Lappalainen from Eximap participated in the event organized at Crazy Town.
More info of Business Tampere:

6.11.2017 TU-Automotive Europe is organised 6.-7.11.2017 in Munich, Germany
We are participating into Europe’s biggest and best auto innovation conference. Connected cars, mobility & autonomous vehicles are the main topics at the conference.
Please send an email to if you want to have a meeting with us.
More info:

1.11.2017 Trafi’s Annual Information Service stakeholder meeting in Helsinki
CEO Pasi Pohjala and CTO Ville Lappalainen will attend Trafi’s Annual Information Service stakeholder meeting in Helsinki today.
At the event Trafi’s information service reforms will be presented and the types of services that Trafi’s data will be utilized will be heard. In addition, future statutory changes and their impact on the activities of the partners will be presented.
Eximap Oy (AutoMopus) is Trafi’s service provider.

18.10.2017 ELIV Europe – The 18th International Congress and Exhibition 18-19.10.2017 in Bonn Germany
Eximap has been invited to ELIV Europe Congress and Exhibition next week. ELIV is the largest automotive electronics event in Europe with over 1,500 participants. For the first time ELIV offers young companies the opportunity to present their latest developments and products in automotive electronics in the start-up area.
More info of the event:

20.9.2017 MINDTREK 2017 is organised 20.-21.9.2017 at Tampere Hall in Tampere
We are participating into MINDTREK 2017 at Tampere Hall. Smart City and Smart Mobility are the main topics at the conference.
On Wednesday evening there will be Smart City VIP event at Museum Centre Vapriikki hosted by Tampere City.
More info:

AutoMopus co-operates with Tuning Studio
AutoMopus application is available on the Tuning Studio web shop’s front page.
More info:

5.9.2017 Eximap Oy (AutoMopus) is Trafi’s service provider
Did you know that Eximap Oy is Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi’s service provider?
We have developed and implemented to Pilkington Windscreen broken service based on a vehicle registration search. More about the service:
If you need car related information to your own service, then please contact
or call our sales service +358 46923 744


5.9.2017 Pilkington’s windscreen service advertisement is in the newest Tekniikan Maailma 15/2017 magazine.
Eximap Oy has implemented this service for Pilkington.

15.8.2017 AutoMopus Introduction video has been published in our YouTube channel
Please watch the video here:

1.8.2017 Eximap moved to new office at Tampere city centre

Our new address is Sairaalankatu 5-7, 33100 Tampere.

13.7.2017 SuomiAreena in Pori
SuomiAreena is the biggest, open for everyone and social discussion event in Finland.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala participated in a joint car and transport organizations event in Pori.

27.6.2017 CDILABS Matchmaking Day in Turin Italy
CDILABS works towards building meaningful commercial relationships between the best European Startups and Big Industry.
Pasi Pohjala ja Ville Lappalainen were invited to the event.

16.6.2017 TECHHUBFI blog available

Finpro’s Intelligent Vehicle and Mobility Growth Program Manager Jouni Salonen blogs about “Your car is full of Finnish tech, but you might not know it yet”.
Pls read the blog here.

Eximap participates into the Future Traffic Growth Program Semifinal on 14th June 2017 in Helsinki
In the KasvuOpen (Growth Program) despite of company’s age, size or industry every entrepreneur will get for his growth idea the best opportunities for success in Finland.
More info:  Future Traffic Growth Program (in Finnish)

1.6.2017 SHIFT Business Festival 31.5.-1.6.2017 is organised in Turku Castle
We are participating into SHIFT Business Festival Conference in Turku Castle. SHIFT brings different sized companies together in an unique venue. In a great conference, the collaboration and the conversation are the content.
More info: and

 Eximap has been chosen among 20 startup companies to Menorca Millenials event on 1.-15.6.2017 in Spain
The Menorca Millenials event this year is the third, and at the same time most international one. 360 startups from over 60 countries sent their applications of which 20 companies were selected to the event.
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Connected Car and Mobility -info sharing session at Finpro Headquarters Helsinki
We participated to the Connected Car and Mobility -info sharing session at Finpro Headquarters in Helsinki. The interesting topics covered Intelligent Mobility by Swetha Surender Frost & Sullivan, New Mobility Services in Germany by Andreas Nelskamp and Global Connected Car Outlook by Swetha Surender Frost & Sullivan.
The event was organised by Team Finland’s Smart Traffic Growth Program.

10.5.2017 Eximap is taking part in the Mediapolis Accelerator program
In Tampere’s AV center and digital cluster at Mediapolis will start the Accelerator program to speed up start-ups’ activities. The Accelerator program will be targeted at growth companies in the media sector to make them more successful and receive capital investment.
More info:

10.5.2017 CUBE Tech Fair 10.-12.5.2017 in Berlin Germany
The CUBE Tech Fair connects the world’s best B2B tech startups with corporate partners and key influencers to take them to the next level of growth.
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala and CPO Ville Lappalainen are participating to the event in Berlin.
More information of the event:

26.4.2017 Eximap is taking part in the Future Traffic Growth Program
In the KasvuOpen (Growth Program) despite of company’s age, size or industry every entrepreneur will get for his growth idea the best opportunities for success in Finland.
More info:  Future Traffic Growth Program

24.4.2017 Eximap Oy is a member of the Smart Tampere Ecosystem
Grow.Smart.Together. with us! Tampere, Finland, aims for innovative and digital smart city solutions through cooperation between companies, organizations and citizens.
More information: Smart Tampere and Smart Mobility

10.4.2017 17 Finnish startups that could rock the world in 2017
Ink Tank Media took a look around and listed some of the most interesting companies that they would love to see succeed in the coming year.
Eximap is the number 8 among those 17 start-ups.
The article was written by Thomas Nybergh.

6.4.2017 Smart Tampere business opportunities presented 6.4. at Tampere Comedy Theatre!
We participate Smart Tampere and Tekes event. The most interesting topics for us are Smart Mobility, Smart Infrastructure and Tekes finance information of company eco-system.
More information here.

5.4.2017 Are you our new colleague? Eximap participates in RecruIT event in Tampere.
Come to meet us at Pakkahuone Tullikamari 5.4.2016 at 13-16.
More information of the event

29.3.2017 IoT seminar and exhibition in Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)
We participate in TAMK IoT-seminar event. Digitalisation opportunities created by traffic interest our participants.
In addition to seminar presentations participants can meet about 30 different companies during the day.

28.-30.3.2017 Intelligent vehicle and mobility solutions business delegation to Italy
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala participates to the business delegation to Italy together with other Finnish intelligent vehicle and mobility solutions companies.
Team Finland and Export Finland are organizing this three-day business trip to Italy.

23.3.2017 Eximap Oy is a member of ITS Factory Smart Tampere
Eximap Oy has signed a collaboration agreement with ITS Factory Smart Tampere and is now a member.
More information here.

16.3.2017 ITS Factory Smart Tampere Development Forum
We participate today to the first ITS Factory Smart Tampere Development Forum this spring. The event will be organised in the Campus Arena of Tampere University of Technology. The theme of the forum is Smart Tampere.

15.-16.3.2017 BOSCH CONNECTED WORLD Event in Berlin Germany
Our CEO Pasi Pohjala participates to the Bosch Connected World and the Internet of Things Conference on 15.-16.3.2017 in Berlin Germany.
If you want to have a meeting with Pasi at the event, please send an email to

8.3.2017  Eximap and Skadi to take Smart Traffic to chat
Eximap and Skadi have agreed to jointly develop chat based mechanisms for Smart Traffic solutions.

The AutoMopus is popular among Finnish car owners, and a useful channel for car related service providers to provide information, get feedback and increase their engagement and customer satisfaction among drivers and car owners.

The companies will develop and publish AutoMopus based information on Facebook messenger platform to make the valuable material easily available to the drivers. This will make Smart Traffic smarter and easier for the drivers to use and interact with.

For further information, please contact:
Eximap: Pasi Pohjala, Skadi: AarneYlä-Rotiala


16.2.2017 Transport Code II – Information, stakeholder event in Helsinki
We participated to the Finnish Transport Code II – Information workshop. There was a good attendance as well in YouTube.

AKL ACADEMY: Future on the road – Roadmap to digital future
We participated to the Future on the road training seminar organized by AKL ACADEMY in Vantaa.

7.-8.2.2017 PIONEERS Event in Munich Germany

Our CEO Pasi Pohjala participated to the PIONEERS Event on 7.-8.2.2017 in Munich Germany. Automotive manufacturers, startups and tech providers advancing mobility with artificial intelligence, automation, and connected car technologies are going to meet in the beginning of February.

20.1.2017 Eximap press release
Eximap and Elisa to develop digital solutions for corporate drivers together.
Read the press release here.

20.1.2017 Eximap press release
Eximap Ltd was granted the license to utilise and sell car registration data owned by Trafi (the registration authority in Finland) to consumers.
Read the press release here.


2.1.2017 Camper’s utility applications
At the first 2017 Caravan magazine the Utility applications for campers are presented. AutoMopus
app is also presented.The Finnish article is available here.
Text Jukka Sundholm.

1.12.2016 We are participating to the SLUSH event on 30.11.-1.12.2016 in Messukeskus Helsinki.
More info of the event:

16.11.2016 We are participating to the Auto 2016 exhibition on 18.-20.11.2016 in Messukeskus Helsinki.
Come and meet us in our exhibition stand 7d41!

2.10.2016 Rantatunneli Day is a sportive event in Tampere!

8.9.2016 Keiretsu Forum Nordics – Eximap participates in The 5th Forum meeting in Stockholm Sweden
Keiretsu Forum is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors. Keiretsu Forum is a worldwide network of capital, resources and deal flow with 46 chapters on 3 continents. Keiretsu Forum members invest in high-quality, diverse investment opportunities.

17.6.2016 Car maintenance and services in a smartphone
Kauppalehti’s Smart Traffic special edition introduces AutoMopus solution. Read the Finnish article here.
Text Kati Halonen. Picture Own archive.

14.6.2016 Connected Car Seminar at Finpro Headquarters Helsinki
We participated today to the Connected Car seminar held at Finpro Headquarters in Helsinki. We heard great presentations of Connected Car outlook presented by Frost&Sullivan and about Italian Connected Car market presented by Finpro Italy. The event was organised by Team Finland’s Smart Traffic Growth Program.

9.6.2016 Convertible bond  2016/I Eximap Oy was overmarked in a week
Eagerness to invest into Finnish know-how surprised positively. Convertible bond was overmarked.

26.4.2016 FiBAN Pitch Finland – Eximap participates in the Helsinki event
FiBAN Pitch Finland is the leading regularly arranged pitch event in the Nordics and presents every time approximately 10 high-growth startups seeking for investors. The event is targeted for FiBAN private investor members and member organisations. This time the event is arranged in cooperation with the Aalto Startup Center and the “Talsinki Project”. The Talsinki Project is a EU funded project by the cities of Helsinki and Tallinn, aiming to support cross-border investing.
Link to event calendar:

21.4.2016 Good News from Finland published an interesting article:
”Eximap drives growth in the car aftermarket” in English. Read the article here.
Text James O’Sullivan.

11.4.2016 Pasi Pohjala pitch speech Slush 2015 Helsinki event was so good that Eximap was also invited to the Wolves Summit event.
For more information about the event

9.3.2016 Pasi Pohjala’s interview in a local newspaper Hervannan Sanomat
Read the Finnish article: How motoring is moving to digital world, here.
Text Kaisa Muhonen. Picture Own archive.

10.2.2016 Hervanta wants to be “Silicon Valley”
Aamulehti, morning newspaper’s article covers the Hervanta Works event where hundreds of
region’s players are going to participate.  Eximap is participating to the event. Read the Finnish article here.
Text Taneli Koponen. Picture Tomi Vuokola.

3.2.2016 Heja Sverige! Hello Sweden! We are visiting today the Autogloben exhibition in Stockholm. AutoMopus Deal will be introduced to interested workshop customers. Of course we will also show AutoMopus application in Swedish.

19.1.2016 Mobile phone is a tough second-driver
Read the DNA Appis blog and you know what to download to your phone on a road trip. Read the blog here.

16.12.2015 Eximap Press release

Eager investors positively surprised a startup company. Eximap’s 117,000 EUR investment pot exceeded
targets by almost two times. Read the press release here.

10.12.2015 App finds fuel stations and repairshops
AutoMopus app is presented in Myynti & Markkinointi 6/2015 magazine.
The Finnish article is available here.