Eximap Platform

Eximap has developed a software platform, with which you can effectively implement tailored digital services especially smartphone applications for automotive aftermarket. AutoMopus app is the first application utilizing this platform. Tailored applications can be used for implementing customer loyalty programs and the benefits related to them, for example.

Eximap Platform contains methods, with which you can effectively implement web pages and applications for all Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Dynamic marketing capability is one of the most important platform features. Additionally, this platform contains valuable data assets.
Eximap has signed an agreement with Traficom (Finnish Transport and Communications Agency) on utilizing Traficom’s vehicle register for resale purposes. This enables searches based on a register number, which returns versatile technical information on an individual car. The search can be targeted at all registered cars in Finland. Also all Finnish gas stations and their contact information can be found in AutoMopus app. Gas prices are being continuously updated. Repair workshops can transfer their customer data including customer cars’ maintenance history from their ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) into AutoMopus Deal. The motivation for this transfer is the ability to more efficiently execute targeted marketing campaigns.

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AutoMopus app

Now you no longer miss the road alone. From AutoMopus you will find the closest filling stations, car repair workshops and technical data of your car remains in control of Garage. Download now and you will get the benefits of AutoMopus partners nearby you in full use. Through this application you will get help to car maintenance and managing costs.

All this waits you in AutoMopus
1. Fueling services based on the location
2. Repair and maintenance services close by
3. Car specifications
4. Fuel consumption monitoring
5. Automatic inspection reminder
6. Suitable spare parts
7. Filling stations and repair workshops on the route
8. Follow and update fuel prices
9. Communication to your chosen repair workshop
10. Current car industry news
11. Plus much more information which make driver’s life easier.

Available on App Store, Windows Phone Store and Google Play store

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AutoMopus® Deal

Targeted marketing has never been this easy

With AutoMopus Deal you can reach customers fast, efficiently and exactly when they need your services.

In just a few minutes you can create a low-cost targeted marketing campaign:
1. You can remind your customers for car maintenance needs, inspection and other service needs at the right time
2. You can get new customers from AutoMopus app users
3. You can easily make more sales and balance the seasonal variations
4. You can AutoMopus user base to acquire new customers including Traficom in Finland
4. AutoMopus messages reflect your business
5. You can easily use the campaign tool on your own computer
6. No fixed monthly or joining fees, you only pay for the messages sent

Please contact Sales Service +358 46 923 7444 or sales@automopus.fi

Eximap Platform tailored for the customer:


Windscreen broken? Eximap has developed together with Pilkington a service utilising Traficom’s (Finnish Transport and Communications Agency) registration number search. Customer can ask for an offer for a broken windscreen based on his location.


Calix Search – www.calixhaku.fi

The Calix Search application helps you find the specific Calix products for heating your car’s engine or interior. Calix Search will help you find engine heaters, cabinet heaters, cables and battery chargers. You can search products by license plate number. You can also add products to your checklist which can be sent to the email of your choice.


JO-HuoltoGuru – www.jo-huolto.fi

Eximap has developed JO-HuoltoGuru application, which is also based on Eximap Platform. A repair workshop called JO-Huolto offers this application to their customers. JO-HuoltoGuru user interface is designed based on the workshop chain (Autofit) and repair workshop’s own look & feel. This application contains similar features as AutoMopus app: Messaging, Spare parts, Fuel ups, Garage and News.